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The LivEye LIGHT is the most affordable compact mobile monitoring system in our product line, but it is not stingy with technical features: Up to 20 motion detectors with integrated
Cameras enable large-area surveillance even of very angled areas. The small size of the device makes it ideal not only for outdoor use but also for indoor use. 

In the event of an alarm, a 10-second video sequence is transmitted to our control centre. 

As light as the LivEye LIGHT itself is, so is its construction: The device can be transported by one person in a suitcase and installed within a few minutes. It can be fixed with magnetic feet or mounted on a tripod. 

Technical details of the LivEye LIGHT:

  • 4-20 motion detectors, each with one integrated camera and a range of approx. 12 metres each
  • in the event of an alarm, a 10 sec. video sequence is transmitted
  • The detectors can stand on a tripod or be attached to metallic surfaces such as construction containers or scaffolding with magnetic feet.
  • self-sufficient up to two years via battery
  • also available as fire alarm system with up to
    20 smoke detectors can be combined
  • no wiring necessary
  • up to 400 meters radio range
Autarke Videoüberwachung Batterie
~ 2 years

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