LivEye ONE is our proven monitoring system. With a mast height of up to six metres and a narrow stand area of 1 x 1 m, it offers state-of-the-art surveillance technology in the smallest possible space for an overview from above. Only a permanent 230 Volt power supply is necessary to ensure smart monitoring by the LivEye analysis software. This can easily distinguish between people, animals, vehicles and recurring movements and thus reduces the error rate to a minimum. The two special PTZ cameras enable targeted monitoring and can track 360° in the event of an alarm.

The orange lighting has a deterrent and preventive effect at night. But that's not all: we offer the option of integrating an optional customer, thermal imaging or time-lapse camera into our LivEye ONE. Via a smartphone app, you can access the customer camera at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Baustellenüberwachung LivEye One

Technical details of the LivEye ONE:

  • Targeted surveillance with two highly functional PTZ cameras
  • smart LivEye analysis software
  • mast height 6 m
  • Monitoring radius of up to 200 m
  • Narrow footprint of only 1 x 1 m
  • the location can be changed quickly with a forklift truck or crane
  • preventive ambient lighting
  • Power supply 230V
  • certified wind stability up to 85 km/h
  • Battery storage continues to supply energy in the event of a power failure
  • optional
    - customer camera
    - thermal imaging camera
    - time-lapse camera
Autarke Videoüberwachung Batterie
Autarke Videoüberwachung mit 230 V Stromanschluss

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