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LivEye PRO 2.0 is our self-sufficient video surveillance system, which can be used anywhere where no infrastructure is available. Would you like to secure a remote quarry, monitor an extensive solar park or protect a construction site on a remote mountain road against thieves? 

LivEye PRO easily fulfils these tasks because it is packed to the brim with innovative high technology. Two highly functional PTZ cameras capture all incidents within a surveillance radius of up to 200 metres. Coordinated energy supply systems make it possible to operate the device completely independently for up to 3 months. This long operating time is possible thanks to a powerful rechargeable battery with a working time of up to one week and an efficient power generator that accesses a 160 l fuel tank. 

You can monitor and protect wind farms, agricultural land, gravel pits or remote buildings for weeks and months.

Technical Details LivEye PRO 2.0

  • target-oriented monitoring with two highly functional  PTZ cameras
  • smart LivEye analysis software
  • Monitoring radius up to 200 m
  • Mast height of 8.50 m
  • 160 l fuel tank
  • up to 3 months of autark operation
  • up to 1 week operating time via integrated rechargeable battery
  • Location can be easily changed
  • certified wind stability up to 110 km/h
  • optional:
    - customer camera
    - thermal imaging camera
    - time-lapse camera
Autarke Videoüberwachung Batterie
~1 week
autark dieselaggregat
+ 761 h

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